Transmission Technology – Things To Look Forward To

new transmission technology

Most people would think that the next boost in fuel economy would come from the widespread use of electric vehicles. This is true to an extent but this technology isn’t the only thing that will boost fuel economy in the years to come. Many car companies have been playing around with new transmission technology to allow for better energy conversion inside their engines. This would mean better fuel economy for all consumers.

Using energy efficiently is quickly becoming a requirement in this day and age. This is one of the many reasons why many car companies are shifting some of their resources to focus on electric and new transmission technology systems. While widespread use of electric car is still far from today, we are slowly getting there. In the meantime, transmission technology is still improving at a reasonable rate. The transmission tech that is being invented by many big car companies will allow users to get more value for their fuel. This is a great alternative to electric cars up until their prices begin to come down. The price of electric car is still a great factor for many consumers. It is always good to have an alternative that you can use if you don’t have enough money.

Transmission Technology for Consumers

Newer transmission technology focuses on improving fuel economy. These new transmission techs also aim to keep the price of the engine down without sacrificing the quality of the vehicle. This is done through their research and development endeavors. With years of research and data, they are able to improve transmission technology to conform to our needs – which is better fuel economy and greener engine quality.

Some experts estimate that we can see up to 30% improvement in fuel economy in the next 10 years. Alongside this improvement in transmission will be the popularization of electric vehicles. This is both exciting and better for our environment. This continued push for more environment-friendly vehicles will surely improve our climate situation.

8-speed Transmission – Will It Become The New Standard?

If you look at brand new cars today, you will see that many of them now offers 8-speed transmission. Most of you have 5 or 6-speed transmission since it is the usual transmission choice for small and compact SUV’s. This technology is quite old and will be phased out soon. The phasing out of the old 5 and 6-speed transmission is still far from the horizon but we’ll get there eventually. The older transmission offer fewer speed which leads to worse fuel economy. An 8-speed transmission is certainly far superior in terms of fuel economy and handling.

During testing phase, an 8-speed transmission can offer up to 8% improvement on fuel economy on the same vehicle model. While this may not sound as huge as some would expect, it is still a huge improvement considering that this technology is new. As more vehicles run on new 8-speed transmission vehicle, improvements can be made. Surely, this will drive new discovery on vehicle transmission.

With all these new transmission technologies on the rise, you now realize how important transmission systems are to a car. Do yourself a favor and have your transmission system checked out at – You’ll never know what car problems you have until you get it checked thoroughly.