Are You Ready for These New Limousine Features?

If ten years ago, someone told me that we’ll be having a self-driving limousine car within the next 10 years, I would’ve dismissed it so confident and so fast, you’d think that I am from the future. Yet here we are. Actually living in the future. Unfortunately, no flying hover boards (yet). And no, I will not consider those wheeled boards to be an actual “hover board.” That’s beside the point however. The point I am getting at is we are living it. We are actually living in the world of tomorrow, the world of sci-fi.

It is almost every week that someone discovers something that can potentially revolutionize new industries. The car industry is not different. We are at a point where we can no longer ignore the hazards of driving. Too many times we’ve seen or experienced firsthand the effects of bad driving. Car accidents don’t discriminate. When accidents happen, it does not matter who’s at fault, who’s good or bad at driving – the end result is still the same, destruction and its lasting effects on the lives of all people involved.

Fortunately, the car industry is being pointed into the right direction. Many companies have jumped into the hype of self-driving vehicle. It’s the new thing. It has hype and it gets people’s attention. Self-driving vehicle has long been a dream for many car manufacturers because of the unpredictability of drivers on the road. Luckily, with the advancement in computational power and prediction algorithms, the onboard car computer can now predict the moves of the drivers on the road and adjust accordingly. It doesn’t stop there though as the car computers learn on the job. They will continue updating their database to see any patterns and adapt accordingly. The added computational power greatly improves the accuracy of the prediction.

With all these new features, it only makes sense that all kinds of cars will receive some form of update sooner or later. One type of car that isn’t getting enough attention is the limousine. A limousine can be any type of vehicle albeit longer. The term limousine is not exclusive to those stretched vehicles that you only see during weddings or red carpet events.

Driverless or chauffeured?

Obviously, once driverless cars have become common, limousine will get their updates and can now operate without drivers. In a limo, the experience is more valuable than the actual ride to be honest. Having said that, part of the experience is getting pampered by a chauffeur or passenger attendant. If a limousine has a driverless feature, chauffeurs are no longer needed and this can have a huge effect on the whole limo-riding experience.

Surely, this is just a hypothesis of what might happen when fully autonomous vehicles are the regular. However, if this happens, would you rather go driverless or chauffeured? Let me know your opinions by leaving a comment below.