Increase Web Traffic Using Social Media

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The most popular way to get internet traffic is by dominating the search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. Although there are other ways to get internet traffic, many people don’t know any other way. Most people just focus on increasing their rank on search engines that they forget certain aspects of their marketing strategy.

Most people fail to understand the importance of Social Media on internet marketing. Even the recent Google update made it clear that they are increasing their focus on social media yet the focus of marketers is till on SEO.

The use of mobile internet has risen exponentially over the last few years so it only makes sense for Google to update their search engine algorithm to cater to the social media crowd. Considering that mobile internet usage is dedicated mostly for social media, Google’s new found focus on social media doesn’t come as a surprise. In my opinion, they should have done it a lot sooner.

There are two main benefits of focusing your marketing campaign on social media. First, you can use your social media reputation and brand to improve your rankings on search results. Second, you can directly send traffic from your social media to your website which also has the benefit of upping your rank on Google.

Better start putting a social media marketing plan now than later, right?

Include your website on your every social media account

This seems very obvious. Of course, if you want your customers to get to your main website, you have to include it in your social media account. All popular social media provide the option to include a link to your main site. It only makes sense to include your main website on your account where visitors and followers can see it easily.

Engage in social media community

It is not enough to just have a social media account for the sake of having one. You have to engage in the community to have customers gain interests in what you have to offer. This will then drive them to your main website where you can potentially have their business. Share relevant contents and links on your social media account whenever you can.

Create a blog for your company

Although main websites can be enough for most businesses, it certainly helps if you have another source of interest for your website. This is where owning a blog is great. Owning a blog allows you to write opinion pieces and stories that are relevant to your business. You can write light hearted notes and post whatever opinion you have without being afraid of looking unprofessional. A blog is some sort of a diary for your business. It does not have to be too formal. In fact, it should be upbeat and informally written. This is an effective way to engage with people because they are able to see the other side of the business.

Social media advertising

Most popular social media gives the option to advertise on their site. These are paid advertisements that you can use to post links or post content pertaining to your business. Most of the times, these ads are pointed to a landing page where a more refined sales pitch is put together.

Use popular social media tools

Every social media has that special tool that makes them unique. Some of the examples are Google Hangouts, Twitter chat, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups and much more. All of these tools have their unique characteristic and can be use independently of each other. That means that you can combine all these features and use them all on your campaign.


There are many ways to generate web traffic over the internet. Today, the most popular one is the SEO – and that is understandable. Given that SEO has the means to influence search engine results directly, it remains to be the marketing strategy of choice for many businesses.

Having said that, social media is slowly rising as a leading factor in web traffic. Most businesses have already shifted some focus away from SEO to social media. Social media is here to stay and will only get bigger as times goes by. It is in the realm of possibility for social media to become the most influential factor in search engine in the years to come. Considering this, you might as well use social media marketing now to reap the benefits later on. After all, social media marketing is cheap and effective in promoting a website.