Advanced Limousine Technology in the Near Future

limousine technology

If you’ve ever attended any auto shows in the past, you are familiar with the showcase styles of different car manufacturers. Most car manufacturers show off their new tech on these events to awe the crowd and create hype for their new products. This is actually an effective way of promoting their car since every tech development showcased in a prestigious auto show will be news internationally. This is one of the main reasons why so many car companies boast their latest development and prototype in these events.

During these events, you will be treated with the latest technology used in the car industry. Most of these technologies won’t be in production until a decade after the event. Nonetheless, they are still there to inspire viewers and gain awe from the audience. Also, it becomes an inspiration among the industry leaders. A game changing car technology will shake up the industry and this is good for the consumers. When many companies strive for greatness, it can only mean good thing for the consumers.

However, many people neglect the limousine industry when it comes to these new technologies. Little do they know that most of the latest tech introduced in those events will make their way into the limo industry quite easily. Our president rides in a limo – and this limo contains the best car tech available on the market. These car technologies are added into the latest limos.

Here are some of the car technology that will be inside a standard limousine in the near future.

Driverless Limousine

This one is so close to reality that one company is already testing out their driverless feature on the road. Granted, Google has already quite mastered the art of driverless cars with their Google Maps cars. However, their cars don’t have any humans onboard so a driverless car with passengers onboard is a pretty innovative thing. This gets us one step closer to full autonomous vehicle. Many experts believe  that there will soon be a shake-up in the vehicle industry as soon as the driverless feature is perfected.

When you consider the number of accidents on the road due to human error, you will see the advantages of a full autonomous vehicle. This is one of the leading tech in the car industry and soon you’ll be experiencing a full autonomous limousine waiting for you at your doorstep.

Comprehensive Limousine Tracking

Let’s face it, most limousine passengers are quite capable financially. Most of them are elites and have their own driver. Rarely would you see someone driving around with their limo. Most limousines have driver or chauffeurs, as many would call them, and this is quite normal. Renting a limo is the usual usage for limousine.

Limousines are rarely used as your everyday car and they are mostly reserved for big events like red carpet, prom nights, and other forms of celebration. Due to this, it only makes sense to include a comprehensive vehicle tracking on board of a limousine. This way, you can track the location of the vehicle and see the conditions aboard using advanced telemetry.

Interactive Window Displays

Display technology has come a long way since its introduction in the mid 90’s. Head-Up Display (HUD) technology is experiencing quite a turn up the last few years as well. With the recent development in virtual reality and the latest tech on the screen industry, an active window display is becoming a reality. Numerous prototypes of this new display are displayed all around the world. Within a few years, you will see limousines with the active window feature.

Active Monitoring System

Many car companies have flirted with the idea of including health monitoring of their passengers. Many car brands have used eye monitoring on their car model to check if the passenger is getting sleepy. The next revolution is certainly more than that. It includes monitoring the health of the passengers using their seat belts.

These are mere glimpse of the future tech in the limousine industry. Many car features have yet to be revealed. Feel free to visit our friends in Dublin for all of their technologically advanced limousine services at